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The CloudCross is an open source project for a synchronization between your devices and various cloud storages. This software is a cross-platform and could be run on Linux, Windows and macOS.

CloudCross allows you synchronize all your local files or only a portion of the local/remote files and folders using the black or white lists (.include and .exclude files). At the same time, you have the opportunity to choose which files have the advantage - local or remote. Thus, you can keep relevance either local files or files on cloud storage.

At this time CloudCross supports GoogleDrive, OndeDrive, Dropbox, YandexDisk, and Mail.Ru clouds.

You could use multi-threading uploads/downloads connecting to clouds over proxy servers. The new version of CloudCross allows you run synchronize on devices with small memory.

In Downloads section of this site, you could find pre-built packages for all main Linux distributions.

Moreover, you could build CloudCross from source code. All instructions for this available in the Install section. In addition, source code which available on GitHub contains .rpm and .deb scripts for build packages.