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CloudCross - How to make copy from cloud to cloud

In this little article, I want to tell you about yet another trick how you could use CloudCross. Today, I looked at the search list and found one interesting request. This request looks like "copy from mail cloud to Yandex cloud". I don't know have found an author of request answer to this question

CloudCross 1.4.1 - new features of include and exclude file lists

Hi! Today I want to talk with you about such feature of CloudCross as .include and .exclude files. This feature was added to the program for customizing a list of files which will be synchronized with the cloud. This can be useful when you have many various files in the synced folder and on the

CloudCross v1.4.1-rc1 - open beta-testing began

Today was released a release candidate of CloudCross v1.4.1. New in version: New option --filter-type was added. .include and .exclude files can contains now a regular expressions in Perl style or a wildcards. (thanks to @futuarmo) Closed few issues #27, #26, #24, #14, #15 Added a multi-threaded

Welcome to The CloudCross Project developer blog

I'm pleased to welcome you at mine developer blog. My name is Vladimir Kamensky and I'm an author of CloudCross. It's been almost two years since the beginning of the development of CloudCross. During this time was been released 12 versions of a program. Added five cloud providers. A lot of