CloudCross v1.4.1-rc1 - open beta-testing began

Posted in CloudCross by MasterSoft24 on 22 September 2017

Today was released a release candidate of CloudCross v1.4.1.

New in version:

  • New option --filter-type was added.
  • .include and .exclude files can contains now a regular expressions in Perl style or a wildcards. (thanks to @futuarmo)
  • Closed few issues #27, #26, #24, #14, #15
  • Added a multi-threaded uploading/downloading.
  • Many enhancements for a reduced memory utilization.

Moreover, in this release available for first time FUSE module based on CloudCross codebase. This module let you mounting any supported cloud storages as local filesystem.

Everyone can join to the open beta testing. Source code available on a GitHub. All issues and pull requests will be viewed quickly as possible.