Change log:


  • Fixed few issue (#50, #53, #54, #57)
  • For Google Drive fix a bug in updating a remote files, fix a looped uploading/downloading a converted docs, RFC3339 date conversion added.
  • fixed a local deleting nested folders and files


  • Fix bug with downloading files. Now files are downloads into temp files before replace existing files on disk.
  • New option --no-sync. Used for uploading without synchronization and reading remote file list.
  • New option --empty-trash added. This option works only with Yandex and Google providers (for this version. In the future possible appears other providers with supporting this feature.).
  • New option --filter-type was added.
  • New option --low-memory added.
  • .include and .exclude files can contains now a regular expressions in Perl style or a wildcards. (thanks to @futuarmo)
  • Closed few issues #27, #26, #24, #14, #15, #22, #21, #45
  • Added a multi-threaded uploading/downloading. This feature can de avoid by --single-thread option.
  • Many enhancements for a reduced memory utilization.
  • Remove --direct-upload option


  • OneDrive support added.
  • Showing total and free space of clouds


  • Fix some Mail.Ru working errors
  • Remove necessity for definition login and password for each operation. Now it needed only for authentication


  • Cloud support added.
  • Added options for proxy servers using (--http-proxy and --socks5-proxy)


  • Change authentication mechanism to authenticate with using local listener.
  • Added statistic collecting.
  • Changed license type to BSD.


  • Change path for authorization on Google Drive.
  • Change/fix random generator algorithm.
  • Some minor refactoring.


  • Possibility building and working on Windows.
  • Fix build error on certain systems on wrong implicit conversion from char* to QString in QJsonValue::insert() method.
  • Fix build warning messages.
  • Fix working with Google Drive access token without lifetime limit.


  • --direct-upload option added. This option allows you upload files from url's directly to cloud.


  • Yandex Disk support added


  • Dropbox support added
  • --force‚Äč option behaviour corrected


  • Added an option --force to force a download or upload files and folders.


  • Enhance working with .include and .exclude lists


  • Added --no-new-rev option for server side versioning control
  • Added --convert-doc option for auto conversion from office formats (MS/Open) to Google Doc and back.


  • fixed bag with threads count overhead. fixed bag with corruption of downloaded files


  • bugs fixed


  • first pre-release version of CloudCross